MEBC Buddha Tiles Fundraising Project

MEBC Buddha Tiles Fundraising Project

We would like to offer the whole Sangha the opportunity to add colour, love and devotion to our upstairs Shrine room, through painting exclusive MEBC design tiles of the Buddha to be placed around the room.

In the East this is often a traditional practice where Temples have given devotees the opportunity to make a donation and then paint and offer a tile to go on their roof or sponsor a painted panel to become part of the ceiling, therefore having their creative gift immortalised within a sacred space.

Above all this is a devotional practice, a visual equivalent of mantra chanting. You don’t need to be an experienced or ‘good’ painter to take part. Here are some painting tips from Aloka.

All funds raised will support the cost of our new stair lift,  which allows greater access to the whole of our lovely new centre.

Come and pick up your blank Buddha Tile (exclusive MEBC design) from the Centre (£20) or have it sent to an address of your choice (£25 incl P&P).

Try and paint your Buddha Tile with mindful awareness on your own, with friends or family, why not even order more than one for family and friends.

if you want to paint your tile with others at the Centre, Sophie will be hosting a painting session there. All paints and acrylic pens for those less confident with paints will be supplied. 
Suggested Donation of £3 to help cover the cost of paints & resources and vegan cakes supplied.
Date TBC  

Once you have painted your Buddha Tile, please bring it to the Centre and we will display it in the upstairs Shrine room alongside the rest of the Sangha's.

This fundraising Sangha building project is inspired from the beautiful Padmaloka Buddha Tiles project ran by the Padmaloka Retreat Centre. They have kindly giving us their permission to use their idea so that we could run a similar project. Please see their past project here: