Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation

Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation

Every Sunday 8:30am - 10:30am

24/01 till 28/02

Everyone is warmly welcome  

No prior knowledge of either Buddhism or Meditation is required for this course 
If you have done this course before, you are still very welcome to join us again.

Booking is needed, please click on the Book now button at the bottom of the page

From Sunday 24/01, on the day, follow this link to join the Zoom Course at 8:30am.
Meeting ID: 829 9040 6609
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Date Topic
24 January Week 1 - Intro to meditation, posture, benefits
31 January Week 2 - Mettā Bhāvanā introduction. Four Sights. Four Noble Truths.
7 February Week 3 - Buddhist ethics
14 February Week 4 - The Worldly winds
21 February Week 5 - Explore the Five Niyāma and Karma
28 February Week 6 - Buddhism in the West

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