Week long Sangha retreat at Adhisthana

Week long Sangha retreat at Adhisthana

Friday 15 November – Friday 22 November

Come and spend quality time meditating and taking part in discussion and study with us all at this beautiful retreat centre in Herefordshire.

An opportunity for our MEBC sangha to come together with other sanghas from around the UK and Ireland  to take our practice deeper in the context of the wider Triratna Sangha.

Price: Standard £325  |  Concession £265  |  Financial Assistance £210
Non-refundable deposit: £70 (included in prices above)

 Programme and booking directly on the Adhisthana website: https://adhisthana.org/retreat-calendar/events/autumn-sanghas-retreat-the-drama-of-cosmic-enlightenment/

Autumn Sanghas Retreat | The Drama of Cosmic Enlightenment
Take your imagination to its limits. Open to the transformative power of the White Lotus Sutra. Tread the Bodhisattva Path with Sanghas from across the UK.

The wisdom of the Buddhas is infinitely profound and immeasurable. The door to this wisdom is difficult to understand and difficult to enter.
This ancient text unfolds across the universe, employing mythological scenes on a cosmic stage and with myriad beings as its actors. This retreat invites you into the path of the bodhisattva through parables and wisdom beyond words. Open the door to illuminate the transformative power of the White Lotus Sutra.