Mindful neurographic art and blind folded gong drawing with Si

Sunday 27 October 1pm – 4pm

10 tickets for sale at minimum £8 each  

Ever wanted to paint the neurons that fire off in your brain actually onto paper and connect them with colour? Well this sessions teaches you how. A random scribble is transformed into beautiful abstract art, a very therapeutic simple exercise - whether you practice art or not!

Blind Fold Art Experience

For those who do not wish to be blindfolded, they can still participate in this second part of the session.

What do we see when we close our eyes? Shapes, people, abstracts, patterns? We see something. And it’s often disappeared when we open our eyes - like dreams. What if we could actually draw our dreams? So together with Sam’s enchanting Gong music let’s together experience this journey and see what happens. Each person is provided with a blindfold or can bring their own - a board will be provided with a choice of 4 drawing implements. And the magic begins

The Team