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MEBC and Triratna Birthday Celebration

MEBC and Triratna Birthday Celebration

Saturday 6 April 2024 8am – 12:30pm

April marks our first birthday at Chase House.  To mark this event we will hold an in person morning at the Centre on Saturday 6th April.

We will combine our Chase House birthday celebration with joining online some of the Triratna International Day events celebrating Triratna's 57th birthday.

Please bring some vegan food for a shared light breakfast. If your diet makes a shared vegan meal unsuitable, then please bring your own food, labelled as yours, and keep it separate from the food to share.

Beginners welcome 


In 1967 a new Buddhist Movement was set in motion in a basement in Central London when Sangharakshita and friends ritually dedicated the space to the Three Jewels. On Triratna Day we celebrate this occasion and the many lives transformed as the fire ignited that day continues to burn around the world.

This year Triratna Day online is on the actual anniversary of our founding.  It’ll be our 57th ‘birthday’ and we’ll be coming to you live from Monmouth Street, the site of the first centre, and other historical sites associated with the early days.

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