Cyberloka: A Buddhist Guide to Digital Life

Cyberloka: A Buddhist Guide to Digital Life

Six week Course. Every Tuesday 7:00-9:00 pm

16/04 till 21/05

Everyone is warmly welcome  

Based on Prajnaketu's short, punchy and often funny book, this course will offer deep Buddhist insights that help us manage and flourish in the digital age.

Going beyond questions of digital diet, we will see how our perception is shaped by being online, and how we can work with awareness and mindfulness as we negotiate hyperavailability, superstimulation and what and how to broadcast on social media. 

No prior knowledge of either Buddhism or Meditation is required for this course 

The book can be bought from the Centre and at the beginning of the course. You do not have to have read the book prior to the course starting

Booking is needed, please click on the Book now button at the bottom of the page

  Led by Āryasāra


Date Topic
3 February 2024 Week 1 -
10 February 2024 Week 2 -
17 February 2024 Week 3 -
24 February 2024 Week 4 -
2 March 2024 Week 5 -
9 March 2024 Week 6 -