Sunday School

Sunday School

The first Sunday of every month

Even during lockdown, encouraging and developing our children's mindfulness and kindness through Buddhist practice and story-telling.

Every Sunday, we are premiering a Recording of Readings for Children with Laura. Listen to Laura’s readings on our YouTube Channel

A message from Laura, our Sunday School Teacher, 

For Buddhist stories I can really recommend any of the Buddha at bedtime books, here available from (you will be supporting a local bookshop by ordering through

This series is written by Nagaraja from the Glasgow Buddhist centre. They are fantastic books; There are 4 books in total for the series and they are all made up of short Buddhist stories and include a nice little tip to provoke discussion with your child at the end of every one. They can be bought here from 

For non Buddhist books, we love the kids who dare to be different series, again short stories, so not too much that the children get bored. They are made up of stories about influential people past and present (the Buddha is included in the Boys who dare to be different book!) 

And my absolute favourite of all is Big ideas for curious minds, it’s a book of philosophy and is fantastic to help children understand difficult emotions so perfect for the current situation! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be a Buddhist for my children to attend?

No, everyone is welcome.

Will I need to stay with my children?

Yes please, Parents' supervision is needed during the session. Please do join in as well.

Do I need to book?

No, you can just turn up but if you could let Laura or David know that you are coming, it would help with planning. thank you