Dharma Night

Dharma Night

The evening takes place in two halves. In the first half, we explore one of two Buddhist meditations. After a short tea break, we will introduce another aspect of Buddhism with an opportunity for discussion.

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We teach two Buddhist meditation practices: Mindfulness of Breathing, for developing awareness, integration and clarity of mind; and Mettā Bhāvanā (“development of loving kindness”), which brings about a gentle but radical transformation of our emotional world. Each week we alternate between the two practices.


We introduce traditional teachings of the Buddha in a way that is accessible and practical to everyday life in the modern world. Usually the format is a talk, followed by breaking into smaller groups for discussion.


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Full development of the Five Spiritual Faculties makes one an Arahant (one who has gained insight into the true nature of existence & has attained Nirvana)

Date Meditation Talk Subject Facilitator
6 January Mindfulness of Breathing Welcoming in the new year Vanarājī
13 January Mettā Bhāvanā It is the development of these five spiritual faculties that makes up the pattern of Buddhist life. Introduction to the Five Spiritual Faculties. Āryasāra
20 January Mindfulness of Breathing Faith is innate, doubt is acquired. What is Buddhist faith? Ratnaghosha
27 January Mettā Bhāvanā 'Just as a goldsmith would test his gold...so must you examine my words' (The Buddha). The difference between faith and belief. Vidyadaka
3 February Mindfulness of Breathing Faith is the sort of emotional response that you have when you are confronted by the embodiment of Enlightenment. An evening dedicated to the life and songs of Milarepa. Vajragupta
10 February Mettā Bhāvanā Faith is something ultimate in us responding to something ultimate in the universe. Exploring the ultimate in us and the ultimate in the universe. Padmavajra
17 February Mindfulness of Breathing Parinirvana Festival. Āryasāra, Kṣāntivajra Upekṣhādhī Vanarājī, Vandanacittā
24 February Mettā Bhāvanā Sraddha covers the entire devotional aspect of spiritual life. An evening dedicated to Buddhist devotional practices. Upekṣhādhī
3 March Mindfulness of Breathing Prajna consists in seeing things as they really are rather than as they appear to be. Exploring the three characteristics of conditioned existence. Kṣāntivajra
10 March Mettā Bhāvanā Wisdom is further seen as consisting in the realisation of the great Shunyata or Voidness. Exploring the meaning of the Heart Sutra. Nandaketu
17 March Mindfulness of Breathing Moving on to a deeper and more personal investigation of reality...an actual experience of the Truth. Working with the 3 Levels of Wisdom. Prajnahridaya
24 March Mettā Bhāvanā A belief is comforting but it's only direct experience that transforms. How do we connect with our direct experience? Chandrachitta
31 March Mindfulness of Breathing The conditioned and the unconditioned are the two sides of the same coin. Exploring The Three Vimokshas (the 3 doors through which we can approach Enlightenment) Maitreyarāja
7 April Mettā Bhāvanā Triratna Day Festival. Āryasāra, Kṣāntivajra Upekṣhādhī Vanarājī, Vandanacittā
14 April Mindfulness of Breathing Virya is 'energy in pursuit of the good' (Shantideva). Building the Sangha Jewel: MEBC's vision for a new Centre. Parami
21 April Mettā Bhāvanā Virya is energy applied to the goal of nirvana. Using your energy for the good Maitreyabandhu
28 April Mindfulness of Breathing Entering the Marketplace with Bliss Bestowing Hands Padmavajra
5 May Mettā Bhāvanā Virya can be of two kinds - objective and subjective. The objective aspect of virya consists in doing things to help others. Galvanising all of our energies, inner and outer, for this great quest Karunadhi
12 May Mindfulness of Breathing ‘Virya and friendship, A Sweet Responsibility (Khalil Gibran)’ Amritamati
19 May Mettā Bhāvanā In its subjective sense...as applied to one's own mental content, it corresponds to...the four great efforts. An evening dedicated to exploring the four great efforts Mike
26 May Mindfulness of Breathing Buddha Day Festival Āryasāra, Kṣāntivajra, Upekṣhādhī, Vanarājī, Vandanacittā
2 June Mettā Bhāvanā Ritual evening dedicated to Vajrapani. Jas
9 June Mindfulness of Breathing Introduction to samadhi and Triratna's System of Practice: integration and positive emotion. Upekṣhādhī
16 June Mettā Bhāvanā Triratna's System of Practice: spiritual death and spiritual rebirth; with a farewell to Mike as he prepares to enter the Order. Kṣāntivajra
23 June Mindfulness of Breathing Triratna's System of Practice: spiritual receptivity and Just Sitting; with a book launch of Vajradevi's book 'Uncontrived Mindfulness'. Vajradevi
30 June Mettā Bhāvanā The Three Myths - the path to insight in Triratna's System of Practice: self-transcendence. Vidyadaka
7 July Mindfulness of Breathing The Three Myths - the path to insight in Triratna's System of Practice: self-surrender. Maitreyaraja
14 July Mettā Bhāvanā The Three Myths - the path to insight in Triratna's System of Practice: self-discovery. Tejananda
21 July Mindfulness of Breathing Dharma Day Festival where we will be welcoming back ex-Mike. Āryasāra
28 July Mettā Bhāvanā Ritual evening dedicated to Amitabha. Vanarājī
4 August Mindfulness of Breathing Practice night. Nandaketu
11 August Mettā Bhāvanā Welcoming back Kiraṇaśrī (ex Sarah Wellard). ‘she who has the Radiance of a Moonbeam (of Bodhicitta)’ Vanarājī
18 August Mindfulness of Breathing Practice night. Pat
25 August Mettā Bhāvanā Practice night. Mark
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a Buddhist?

No, the class is suitable for everyone who wants to meditate or learn about Buddhism.

What should I wear?

There are no special requirements, just whatever is comfortable to sit in.

Do I need to book?

No - just turn up!

Is it okay to join in the middle of the series?

Absolutely. Though of course you'll get those most out of the class by attending the whole series, there's no need to wait until the start of the next series if you want to start coming.

Can I just come for the meditation?

Of course, though the meditation we teach is itself a Buddhist teaching.

How much does the class cost?

We don't charge for our classes, and the team are not paid for their time. We simply ask that those who are able to do so make a donation to the centre to help us cover our running costs.

The suggested amount, based on how many people come and how much it costs to run the centre, is £5-7, but this is not a fixed cost and everyone is equally welcome, even if you cannot give anything at all.

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Where to Find Us

We are in South Woodham Ferrers, opposite the library.